Change Et Al: Combining People, Process, and Culture for a Successful Change

Karunesh Prasad, Founder & CEO; and Nikita Sanwaria; and Ruth Gertler; and Salim Khan, Change Et AlKarunesh Prasad, Founder & CEO; and Nikita Sanwaria; and Ruth Gertler; and Salim Khan “Change is not a problem; resistance to change is.”

“Your ability to Change defines your Success”

A weak culture that is not aligned with the mission, lack of participation, over-communicating a poor vision, under-communicating a compelling vision, not enough training or infrastructure are the key factors plaguing the longevity of a change project. Most employees want to do the best job they can for their employers, but it is harder for them to take in important information when their minds are reeling. Process change is also one of the most challenging issues for any organization, and the statistics reflect that for any change to be successful, People, Process, and Culture need to work in tandem, and it will help stack the deck in one’s favor.

With a similar vision, Singapore-based ‘Change Et Al’, one of the leading and emerging Change Management companies in Asia, brings together People, Process, and Culture and draws on their combined power for change initiatives. The firm utilizes the unified potential of People, Process, and Culture and engages in a range of focused improvement to enterprise-wide transformation projects across industries. “Every time we focus on those three aspects simultaneously, change interventions have been successful,” states Karunesh Prasad, founder, and CEO of Change Et Al. Nikita Sanwaria, one of the founding members of the company, further explains that their approach stands out since they use communication and technology as enablers to reach out to every employee in an organization and engage the entire organization in the transformation journey.

A Brief History

Karunesh had a long stint in the corporate world where he spent fifteen years with GE working on a range of HR, Quality, Simplification, Digitization, and M&A roles working in Asia, Europe and USA in Regional and Global roles. He led Global Change and Transformation function for GE’s shared services and created a new focus on Culture Integration during post merger integration in his role as Global head for Culture Integration. Before joining GE, Karunesh worked in multiple HR and Quality roles in India at RPG Enterprises. He started the company in 2014, and the team has worked on assignments ranging from M&A, Culture Integration, HR Transformation, Process Improvement, creating organization operating rhythm to implementing large scale digitization across industries. The company has also established Change Et Al Academy to deliver capability building service. Under this umbrella, the firm provides a wide variety of training and customized courses to corporate employees and individuals in change and transformation.

“Our philosophy is to work on the DNA of the organization itself. We work on not a project, but the infrastructure and the entire ecosystem of the organization,” says Ruth Gertler, director of Change Et Al Academy.

The 4A Change Management Model

With decades of practical experience and research, Karunesh launched a new 4A Change Management model that is simple, easy to use, and effective. Each person and organization is different, and no one size fits all. Therefore, this model can be customized and used.
This 4A model has steps of ALIGN (vision and strategy), APPLY (design and implement), ACCELERATE (engage and deploy change), and ASSIMILATE (adapt and sustain) and comes with easy to use tools and resources under each module to cover all aspects of Change Management.

We Do Not Work On a Project, But the Entire Ecosystem of the Organization to Manage Change

“Our specifically designed 4A Change methodology covers a complete change cycle and ensures successful and sustained transformation,” adds Karunesh. This approach helps to introspect the entire change journey, understand the change readiness, one’s role as Change agents and Change leaders and plan for a complete change management program that is unique to an organization based on its People, Process, and Culture. “It provides leaders with tools, techniques, and tips to understand what it takes to lead change, how to engage and involve employees, dealing with resistance and using the power of People, Process, and Culture for sustained transformation,” adds Nikita.

A Myriad of Services

Change Et Al partners with organizations globally to provide contemporary solutions, keeping cost and quality at the forefront. The company’s transformation offering ranges from Change management in a unit/ division to broad-scale CEO vision implementation with creative communication and employee engagement initiatives. The company provides highly qualified HR, Quality, Operations Management, Change Management, and Mergers and Acquisition experts to meet organizational needs.

Change Et Al professionals with rich operating experience across multiple geographies and proficiency in tools like Six Sigma, Re-engineering, and project management drive the change management projects. As part of its client’s team, they create a plan, set up an operating rhythm, get stakeholder buy-in, execute with speed and agility, deliver the output, and ensure sustenance. The skills of the change managers are strengthened by a back-end team supporting communication, training, and digitization solutions. “Our pillars of People, Process, and Culture help build lasting solutions,” states Karunesh.

The company’s HR professionals have an experience ranging from proficiency in multiple industries, matured HR processes to new and evolving organizations that have not yet set up HR processes. These experts help run HR services, create best in class HR processes, run HR operations, assist with acquisition integration, rewards and benefits solutions or create world-class employee engagement solutions customized to an organization’s culture.

Change Et Al’s team of qualified and experienced M&A experts help right from due diligence to the integration phase while enabling clients to focus on day-to-day operations and customer commitment.

The company also acts as a part of its client’s organization to help set up a robust quality function, define standards and KPIs, deploy VoC, track customer issues and resolution steps, and wherever required, help with readiness on certifications.

Change Et Al have been into consulting for the last few years and have clients in Banking, Insurance, FMCG, Healthcare, and Oil & Gas across the globe.
Change Et Al has also laid the foundations of two sister companies, Bridge Et Al and Cloud HR Technology. Bridge Et Al connects freelancers with clients who are looking for qualified professionals with rich knowledge and experience in their areas of specialization. Cloud HR Technology focuses entirely on providing clients a robust HRM system based on industry type, location, or the number of employees.

Experience and Expertise

Change Et Al was approached by a large oil and gas company facing collaboration issues within the organization. The employees were working for their respective heads in each department and were unable to come together as one team to fulfill the overall goals of the company. Change Et Al looked into the details and observed that different teams of the supply chain, sourcing, and other processes were functioning quite strong vertically, but there were no horizontal connections. “If you work in silos, you may be successful as a function or team, but you will not be able to accomplish more as an organization,” implies Karunesh. Change Et Al organized a workshop to align the leadership team and work on collaboration. The team soon realized that they needed to work on simplifying their processes during handoffs and across the organization horizontally. As they simplified processes across the organization with a cross functional workflow, they were able to notice the difference successfully, and it gave them a lot of rejuvenation.

In another case, Change Et Al looked at the bigger picture and identified the root cause utilizing a unique methodology. A bank was working on cost reduction initiative. Instead of implementing the traditional cost reduction exercise, Change Et Al implemented manufacturing principles into the banking sector and executed a typical manufacturing costing exercise. They worked on cost per transaction such as credit card transaction, opening an account, using an ATM among others. Once the data was collected, Change Et Al as well as the client had complete transparency to proceed and achieve the goal. It was a benchmark project which led many other banks and companies to approach Change Et Al for a similar methodology for their cost reduction initiatives. Therefore combining our expertise and transferring skills from manufacturing to financial services and vice versa can sometime become extremely useful. “If you take a step back and look at how the organization is set up, its structure, the processes, and within its culture, then you will be able to combine all those and look at the entire ecosystem together. And that to me is the most important part,” states Karunesh.

What Lies Ahead

Managing change has been one of the most significant brainstorming activities for CEOs today. Change Et Al is optimistic about tapping into this opportunity while bringing best in class tools, resources, and training to the masses. Forging ahead, the company will focus on providing a one-stop-shop for the entire need of anyone in the area of change management and capability building, which includes coaching and training. “Change management needs to change, and it should be pragmatic and contemporary. We need to take into account the fast pace, digitization, and the large spectrum of different types of organizations,” concludes Salim Khan, manufacturing and process improvement practice leader at Change Et Al.
- Hanna Wilson
    September 28, 2020
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Change Et Al

Change Et Al

Singapore, Singapore

Karunesh Prasad, Founder & CEO; and Nikita Sanwaria; and Ruth Gertler; and Salim Khan

Change Et Al is a team of passionate business transformation experts with global and diverse industry experience. Whether it is acquisition integration, greenfield venture or a complete transformation for a business, Change Et Al believes in combining PEOPLE, PROCESS, and CULTURE interventions for a successful transformation. The company’s team consists of Lean Six Sigma, Human Resources, Communication, M&A, Technology and Culture experts to help clients through their transformation journey. Established in 2014, Change Et Al has worked with clients all over the world delivering outstanding results